Xenia, Ohio
402 West Church Street
Xenia, Ohio 45385
Tel: 937.372.1687 Fax: 937.372.1746
Richmond, Indiana
Tel: 765.962.9531 Fax: 765.962.3090

About The Printing Centers

Xenia, Ohio Location

Richmond, Indiana Location
     The Printing Center started out in the 1970ís as a PIP franchise owned by Vera Solomon. Vera and her husband Jim ended up with 5 offices, 4 in the Dayton area and the office in Richmond, Indiana. In the late eighties, they started thinking about retirement. So they decided to sell their stores. Marty Hays bought the store in Richmond, Sandy Smittkamp bought the store in Xenia, Ohio and their son, Tim Turber bought the other three in the Dayton area.

     In late 1996 or early 1997, Marty decided to sell her store in Richmond. She approached Sandy about the possibility of buying her store. By April, the deal was done. And on May 1, 1997 Sandy took over as owner of the Richmond store as well as owning the Xenia store.

     In mid 2004, our location on East Main was sold and we moved the Richmond operation to 18 North Sixteenth Street. The move was a smooth transition to a smaller location but with the same great customer service that our customers had come to expect. We have continued to improve our equipment over the years. And our customer service is second to none.

     All of Sandyís children work for her. Andy and Julie in the Richmond store and Amy, as well as her grandaughter Staci in the Xenia store. Ty Moody came aboard in 2007 and brought 39 years of graphic arts experience to our establishment. Ty takes care of our in house printing and computer needs. We are proud to have such a knowledgeable person on our staff.

     Our 20 plus years of service has provided us with the opportunity to meet and work with many wonderful customers in the Miami and Whitewater valleys. At The Printing Centers, our goal is to provide clients-customers with the highest quality printed products and services, while maintaining the maximum level of customer service.

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