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402 West Church Street
Xenia, Ohio 45385
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Richmond, Indiana
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Operating System
We can only facilitate WINDOWS format files. If you are a MACINTOSH user, please create a PDF or save/export your file in a WINDOWS format.

File formats we accept
.PDFPortable Document File

Adobe PDF (Portable Document File) is our prefered document/printing format. You can create a PDF many different ways. One method would be uploading your file to Acrobat.com

Other alternatives would be downloading and installing the necessary software, some of these are free and work just like having another printer installed on your computer.

Two free PDF creating utilities are PrimoPDF and DoPDF, these are both great utilities.

All image files for print should have a resolution of 300 pixels per inch or higher and should be in a CMYK format. Lower resolution will lower reproduction quality.

When it comes to image manipulation, Adobe Photoshop is the choice of professionals, however it is quite pricey. Free alternatives would be Irfanview and Gimp, these are both exceptional utilities.

If your document consists of other than standard windows fonts, please upload your font along with your document file.

To send us a font (Windows) use Windows Explorer to navigate to the C:\windows\fonts\ folder. Locate the font you wish to send, select it and then in the edit menu (top left of window) click COPY (Ctrl+C with keyboard). Then paste the font somewhere easy to find, like the DESKTOP by right clicking > PASTE (Ctrl+V with keyboard). Now a copy of the font is in an ideal location to upload or email to us. You may simply delete the font from your desktop once you've sent it to us.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
To upload large files you may wish or need to use an FTP client. This is software used for transfering files over the internet. If you chose this method you will need to contact us so we can give you the needed information to set up the log-in information.

We recomend using Filezilla, it's a very solid application and is fairly easy to use. This application is freeware. If you use the Firefox web browser you may wish to install an FTP client as a plug-in, FireFTP is an excellent choice.

.ZIP (File Compression)
If you have numerous files you may package them tegether as one file. This method is commonly called Zipping files. The process can also reduce the filesize of your upload since the process sometimes uses file compression.

Here again we recomend another free utility called 7-Zip. This utility works with numerous export types, so to keep things simple, export .ZIP files only.
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